Split, Croatia

September 27 – October 04, 2024














The Organizing Authority (OA) is the Sailing club Split under the aegis of the Croatian Sailing Federation, in conjunction with the International Melges 24 Class Association (IM24CA) and Croatian Melges 24 Class Association (CROM24)


The notation ‘[DP]’ in a rule in the NoR means that the penalty for a breach of that rule may be less than disqualification at the protest committee's discretion.


Version: 12.03.2024.


1.     RULES 

1.1.     The Event will be governed by the rules defined in Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

1.2.     The Equipment Rules of Sailing will apply.

1.3.     No national authority prescriptions will apply. 

1.4.     The Rules and Regulations of the IM24CA will apply. 

1.5.     RRS Appendix P will apply as changed in NoR 13.5. 

1.6.     RRS Appendix T and RRS 40.1 will apply. 

1.7.     The following rules will be changed in accordance with RRS 86.1(b): 

1.7.1.    RRS 40.1 applies and will be changed as follows: All competitors shall wear personal flotation devices all the time while racing, except for brief periods while changing or adjusting clothing. Wet suits and dry suits are not personal flotation devices. This also changes the preamble of part 4 RRS.

1.7.2.      The Race Committee (RC) will communicate with the competitors using VHF radio. Failure to make or hear a broadcast shall not constitute grounds for requesting redress. This changes RRS 62.1

1.7.3.      Part 5 Section B of RRS and RRS 44.1 will be changed to permit protest arbitration.

1.8.     In case of conflict between NoR and SI’s, the SI’s and following notices posted on the Official Notice Board (ONB) will prevail. This changes RRS 63.7.

1.9.     The International Jury may impose penalties less than disqualification (DPI) for violation of the Class Rules (CR) and RRS other than those of Part 2.

1.10.  The World Sailing Sailor Categorization Code will apply for competitors competing for the Corinthian Division in accordance with the IM24CA Championship Rules.

1.11.       IM24CA Coach and Support Boats Regulations shall apply. (NoR Appendix A).



2.1.     The ONB is located online at: https://jk-split.hr/melges-24-european-championship/

2.2.     All boats shall carry a VHF radio capable of communicating.

2.3.     On the water, the RC will use a VHF radio to communicate with the competitors. Failure to broadcast or failure to hear the broadcast shall not constitute grounds for granting redress. This changes RRS 62.1. The channel will be stated in the SIs.

2.4.     Except in an emergency, competitors shall not make voice or data transmissions from the first warning signal until the end of the last race of the day. They shall not receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats.

2.5.     Complementary information may be communicated through a Telegram Group. The link to join the group will be published on ONB. The OA, the RC, and the Jury will use it to communicate unofficially during the event. Please note that this group will not replace the ONB and should be considered an augmented PA system.



3.1.     Sailing instructions will be posted on the ONB by the 27th of September.

3.2.     In accordance with RRS rule 90.2(c), oral changes to the SI’s may be made on the water and transmitted via VHF.



4.1.     The Event is open to all boats of the Melges 24 class that meet the obligations of the CR and, when relevant, their Member National Authority (MNA). 

4.2.     Competitors shall comply with the WS Eligibility Code (Regulation 19) which requires that all competitors (helmspersons and all other crew) shall be members of their MNA or one of its affiliated organizations.

4.3.     Eligible boats may enter by completing the online entry form on the official event website and paying the required entry fee.  

4.4.     The OA will limit the number of entries to 60. The order of the entries will be established under the entry and payment date received. An entry shall not be considered complete until the entry form is completed and the entry fee is paid. The OA will create a waiting list when the entry limit is reached.

4.5.     After reaching the entry limit, no entries/payments will be accepted unless approved by the OA on a case-by-case basis.

4.6.     Only boats that have completed all registration requirements, including payment of the applicable entry fee, will be allowed to compete. 

4.7.     The OA will confirm completed entries by posting the entry list on the official event website.

4.8.     An administration fee of € 500.00 will be applied to all cancellations received after September 15th.



5.1.     The WS Categorization will apply to teams in the Corinthian Division (see RRS 79). 

5.2.     The entry form must indicate each sailor's category and the unique WS Sailor ID if entering the Corinthian Division.

5.3.     The closing date for the registration of Corinthian entries shall be the 20th of September. 

5.4.     Sailors shall register with WS by the 20th of September and be able to declare their WS Sailor ID and category when entering.

5.5.     Entries accepted after the 20th of September shall not be eligible for the Corinthian Division.

5.6.     Categorization will be checked during registration. A final list will be published after the close of registration.

5.7.     The Categorization Protest Time Limit is the end of the protest time limit on the first day of racing. 

5.8.     Full details for the Corinthian Trophy can be found in the IM24CA Championship Rules. 

5.9.     Should a boat whose Corinthian entry has been checked and accepted need to change a crew member between the entry time limit of entries and the start of the Event, the name of the new crew member with a valid WS Sailor ID and group number shall be submitted to the OA for approval by the IM24CA Class Administrator.


6.     FEES 

6.1.     The Entry Fee will be € 1.000,00 for the valid entries received by the 30th of June at 23:59 hours

6.2.     The Entry Fee will be € 1.100,00 for the valid entries received after the 1th of July at 00:00 hours until the 15th of August 2024 at 23:59 hours

6.3.     The Entry Fee will be € 1.300,00 for the valid entries received after the 16th of August at 00:00 hours

6.4.     The Entry Fee includes one launch and one haul-out at retiring or at the conclusion of the Event at designated times, berthing at the regatta sites during the event dates, trailer storage at designated parking, and tickets to the events (Opening Ceremony, Daily Awards, Event Dinner, Closing Ceremony except for lottery) for all competing crew. 

6.5.     Payment: 

Payments will be sent by bank transfer and entering in the transfer description: Competing boat's name and Sail number with national letters. i.e. CRO 123.

Account Holder Name: Sailing Club Split

IBAN: HR7924070001100379532


Bank Name: OTP BANK

6.6.     Entries will not be valid until the payment is received and confirmed by the OA the date of the competitor's bank transfer will be considered.



The OA may decide to run the championship with a Qualifying Series and a Final Series. If so, these procedures will be detailed in the SI’s.



8.1.     Advertising will conform to WS Regulation 20 and the CR in accordance with RRS 6.

8.2.     Boats may be required to display sponsors' advertising for the duration of the Event, chosen and supplied by the OA at the completion of the entry procedure at the venue. If this rule is broken, WS Regulation 20.9.2 applies.

8.3.     The OA may require each boat to carry a tracking device for online spectating purposes.



9.1.     The daily program, including registration, equipment inspection, racing, and social events, is as follows:








Registration, measurment



Lounching boats with the crane



City tour with guide




Registration, measurment



Lounching boats with the crane



Social event




Competitors Briefing 


14:00 - 18:00

Practice race


19:00 h

Opening ceremony in the club



10:00 h    

Competitors Briefing 


12:00 h



After races

Social event



10:00 h    

Competitors Briefing 


12:00 h



After races

Social event



10:00 h    

Competitors Briefing 


12:00 h



After races

Social event



10:00 h    

Competitors Briefing 


12:00 h



After races

Championship Sailors’ Dinner with lottery



10:00 h    

Competitors Briefing 


12:00 h



After races

Prize giving and closing ceremony




Lifting boats out




Lifting boats out


9.2.     Ten (10) races are scheduled for the Championship. 

9.3.     Up to three (3) races may be run each day.

9.4.     If the Event is behind schedule, four (4) races may be raced on one day.

9.5.     The OA and/or the RC reserve the right to modify the racing schedule due to weather conditions or other reasons.

9.6.     On the last day, October 04, there will be no warning signal after 14:30 hrs.



10.1.  Each boat shall provide a valid measurement certificate before the close of registration in accordance with RRS 78. Documents may be submitted to IM24CA Administrator Piret Salmistu via email at piret@melges24.com  before registration closes. 

10.2.  The Event Technical Committee (ETC) may weigh, measure, or inspect any boat and or her equipment and sails for conformity with CR before, during, or after the event. 

10.3.  Registration, measurement, and limitation stamping will take place at the hangar of Sailing Club Split during the periods stated in NoR 8.1 above. Sails shall be measured and stamped by an approved measurer before arrival at the event.

10.4.  In accordance with RRS G3, a boat chartered or loaned for this Event may carry national letters or a sail number in contravention of the CR.

10.5.  During the Event, checks on conformity with CR, including measurement requirements, may be performed at any time.

10.6.   A boat shall provide a minimum of two people to facilitate event measurement.


11.   VENUE 

11.1.  Attachment B shows the location of the Sailing Club Split and the racing areas.



12.1.  The courses to be sailed will be windward-leeward with windward offset marks and leeward gates.



13.1.  The first two sentences of RRS 44.1 are changed to read: “A boat may take a One-Turn Penalty when she may have broken a rule of Part 2 or RRS 31 or CR C.11 while racing.”

13.2.  Unless the course is shortened to finish at the windward mark, penalties while in the zone of the windward mark or on the offset leg shall be delayed and taken as soon as possible on the downwind leg. This changes RRS 44.2. 

13.3.  If a member of the Jury witnesses a breach of RRS 31 and/or CR C.11, they may indicate their observation by making a long sound (whistle) and a red flag. The boat shall then exonerate herself. If no penalty is taken, the Jury may protest. 

13.4.  If members of the Jury witness a protest being hailed and a red flag is shown by a boat, the members may decide the incident and indicate their decision by making a long sound (whistle) and displaying a red flag while hailing the boat’s bow number to indicate which boat(s), if any shall take a penalty.  If the Jury members decide that no breach occurred (no rules were broken), they may indicate their observation by making a long sound (whistle) and displaying a green and white flag. If the Jury members do not display any signal and remain silent, they do not see the whole incident and are unable to make a call. The protesting boat may deliver a protest in accordance with RRS61. 

13.5.  Appendix P (Special Procedures for Rule 42) will apply. RRS P2.3 will not apply and RRS P2.2 is changed so that it will apply to any penalty after the first one. The penalty under RRS P2.1 is changed to be a one-turn penalty. This changes RRS Appendix P. 

13.6.  A boat that has taken a penalty under RRS 44.1 shall complete an acknowledgment form at the ONB prior to the end of the protest time limit. The absence of a completed acknowledgment form will be considered a penalty not taken in a hearing. 

13.7.  Decisions of the International Jury will be final as provided in RRS 70.5.



14.   SCORING 

14.1.  Three (3) races are to be completed to constitute the Championship. 

14.2.  When fewer than five (5) races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.

14.3.  When five (5) or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores, excluding her worst score that can be discarded.



15.1.  Coach and support person vessels shall register with the OA within the registration time limit. Only support vessels that have registered with the OA and carry identification provided by the OA will be allowed in the racing area.

15.2.  The Support Boat registration fee will be € 100, 00.

15.3.  The IM24CA Coach and Support Boat Regulations will apply, and they are attached to this NoR as Appendix A. 

15.4.  Each person on board a coach or support boat shall be deemed a support person as per RRS Definitions. 

15.5.  All support boats are required to monitor the RC communication channel at all times while afloat during scheduled racing days and be available to assist with safety when requested.  Code flag V will not be displayed. This changes RRS 37.


16.1.  Cranage schedule and procedures will be detailed on the ONB. 

16.2.  All boats shall be afloat by 19:00 hours on the 29th of September.

16.3.  Except when sailing, all boats shall be kept in their assigned berthing areas. Fenders and mooring lines will be required.

16.4.  The OA reserves the right to reallocate berths based on the number of entries, and final assignments will be confirmed by the close of registration.



17.1.  Boats shall not be hauled out during the regatta after 19:00 on the 29th of September until the end of the event without prior written permission of the ETC.


18.   PRIZES 

18.1.  The winner of the daily races will be awarded both in the Open and Corinthian Divisions.

18.2.  Overall Prizes will be awarded to the winning helmsman and each crew member for at least the top 5 boats in the Open and the top 3 boats in the Corinthian division.

18.3.  In case of a Split Fleet format, the prize giving will be detailed in the Sailing Instructions. 

18.4.  Prizes may also be awarded to the top boat with the female skipper competitors and top youth teams if applicable.  Additional trophies may be awarded at the discretion of the OA. 

18.5.  The Overall Champion will be the open division winner and awarded the “Giorgio Zuccoli Trophy” as the perpetual trophy of the Melges 24 European Championship.

18.6.  The winner of the Corinthian Division will be awarded the” Menno Meyer Corinthian European Trophy” as the perpetual trophy of the Melges 24 European Championship.



19.1.  Competitors participate in the event entirely at their own risk. See RRS 3, Decision to Race. The OA will not accept any liability for material damage, illness, personal injury, or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. All competitors shall sign liability waivers during registration. 

19.2.  As a condition of entry, each owner, skipper, and individual participating crew member shall sign a participant liability waiver/media release. The fully executed Liability Waiver Form shall be submitted during registration prior to racing. The Liability Waiver Form will be posted on the event website and will be available at registration.  By participating in this Event, each competitor agrees to release the race organizers from any and all liability associated with such competitor’s participation in this event to the fullest extent permitted by law.



20.1.  Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of €

1.500.000 per Event or the equivalent.



21.1.  Competitors give absolute right and permission for video footage or photographs of themselves or their boat to be published in any media for press, editorial advertising, or sponsor purposes. All competitors and coaches shall sign media rights waivers during registration/check-in.



22.1.  This Notice of Race may be changed. Changes will be posted on the Official Notice Board.



For further information, please consult the Event web site or any of the key contacts listed here:



Race Office


Email: raceoffice@jk-split.hr (mirror: jksplit.raceoffice @gmail.com)

Mobile/WhatsApp: +385 99 386 8201



Shipping address: Sailing Club Split, Lucica 4, 21000 Split, CROATIA

IM24CA Championship Coordinator Europe:



David Bartol – SLO Email: david.bartol@cromasistem.eu

Mobile/WhatsApp: +386 41 667518

IM24CA Chief Measurer: 


Branko Parunov - SLO Email: branko@skipper.si   

Mobile/WhatsApp: +386 51 301053

IM24CA Administrator: 

Piret Salmistu - EST Email: piret@melges24.com 

Mobile/WhatsApp: +372 507 7217 







As per the IM24CA Constitution, Class Sanctioned Event shall mean those regattas organized, co-organized, or approved by the IM24CA or in which the IM24CA sanctions the various events to form a series. In IM24CA sanctioned events, Appendix C shall be attached to Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. In other events, the organizing authorities are encouraged to use Appendix C, either partially or preferably in its entirety.




A1 Coaches and support boats must register with the race office during registration and declare which boat or boats they are attached to.


A2 Coach and support boats shall display a numbered flag representing the boat to whom attached and/or other identification symbol, as may be required by the OA.


A3 No coach boat or support boat shall pass information in any way to a boat that is racing. RRS 41 (outside help) infringements of this will be taken very seriously.


A4 Coach and support boat personnel shall not communicate with competitors (by any means) from the warning signal of the first race of the day until the competitor has finished the last race of the day. If the race committee is signaling AP over H, section A4 does not apply until further warning signal.


A5 Coach and support boats shall not go alongside their Melges 24s, and no goods or equipment shall be transferred until after the finish of the last race of the day.




B1 All Melges 24 boats shall proceed to and from the racing area under their own power.



C1 Coach and support boats shall keep clear of the racing area at all times during which boats are racing.

Except when participating in rescue operations, coach/support boats shall stay more than 100 meters from any point where a boat might sail during normal racing.


C2 Any coach or support boat that interferes with another competitor or the racing in any way, including creating excess wash or hindering an official boat carrying out its duties, shall have the competitor(s) to which they are attached liable to a penalty at the discretion of the jury.


C3 Any boat may protest under the rules in this attachment.


C4 The penalty given by the jury is at their discretion. (DPI)


(Racing: A boat is racing from her preparatory signal until she finishes and clears the finishing line and marks or retires or until the race committee signals a general recall, postponement, or abandonment.)


CHANGES TO THESE RULES IM24CA standard coach boat appendix shall not be altered. Any changes to these rules will be subject to a decision by the IM24CA Executive Committee.



1.        The race organizing authority shall register All Press and official spectator vessels during registration.

2.        Press and spectator vessels shall display any flag or other identification symbol as the race committee may require.

3.        The race organizers may appoint one or more photo vessels, which will be allowed within the race course. The position of these vessels shall not be grounds for redress.

4.        Press and spectator vessels shall not interfere with the racing in any way and shall stay at a distance outside the racecourse where their wake causes no problem.